a twenty-eight year old photographer & transplant from central ohio to austin, will mederski has been behind the camera for nearly half his life.

captivated by the world we live in, he has been working to capture that curiosity on film since his first peek through the viewfinder of his father's early seventies nikkormat ft2.

will's two primary passions in life, food & photography, are best evidenced by his adventure through america last summer.
traveling nearly eighteen-thousand miles on his motorcycle over five months, he took a reading of everything that is current american culture, from the food we eat to politics we speak.

will took the two-lane road through america, which reveals so many marvelous details of this sea-to-shining-sea country. and more than ever he desires to capture and share it.

while currently employed in a number of professional projects, from model work to work with local restaurants, will is always looking to work with other inspired individuals & businesses.